Toyo Cutters

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The TOYO Pistol-Grip lets you score glass with little effort. Get light, consistent lubrication with a refined oil-fed system. In four distinctive fluorescent colors, the lightweight clear acrylic grip lets you see how much oil is in the reservoir. Sorry, can not specify choice of color.

The Toyo Custom-Grip fits comfortably between the thumb and forefinger, allowing your fingers to have more control while your hand experiences less fatigue over long periods of cutting. 

The TOYO Comfort-Grip has a lightweight, tapered barrel with contoured finger channels designed to fit any size hand. It is among the best in the industry. 

The TOYO Thomas-Grip has a barrel topped with a saddle that fits between thumb and index forefinger, creating a three-point grip that ensures precise control and reduced strain. 

The TOYO Brass Supercutter features a cross-hatched metal barrel which guarantees a sure grip while scoring.