Green / Ice White / Blue Gray

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High Strike (a.k.a. Mottled, or Cats-paw).

Each glass is unique to the extent that there is a wide variation in color, mix and density even in the same piece. This is desirable for those engaged in stained glass lamp or window work who wish to be very fussy in selecting just the right shade, mottling, grain and intensity for a certain spot. "Cats-paw" art glass, as this is called by some, will be found to be very erratic in coloration and mix.

"Cats-paw" describes a condition known as ring-mottling which consists of numerous, interconnected spots of a lighter, or darker, translucency than the surrounding glass. In appearance, it resembles the tracks made by a herd of cats walking across a freshly painted deck.

As with any hand-poured hand-rolled glass, there are creases, bubbles, rolled edges and variations in the thickness in every specimen.