Amerway Solder

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SAPPHIRE - 60/40 is 60% tin and the balance lead. A consistent and smooth flowing solder, 60/40 is the best selling alloy in the stained glass field. It melts at 372 deg F, and solidifies at 361 deg F. The “pasty range” (most solders melt at a higher temperature than they freeze at, the difference between these figures is the pasty range) of 60/40 is smaller than that of 50/50, giving the user a smoother bead.

ONYX- 50/50 Solder, while not as widely used, is often preferred due to it’s lower cost. Since it has a higher melting point(melts at 413 deg F, solidifies at 361 deg F) a bit of extra care is recommended for lead came work. Testing shows that Amerway 50/50 solder has flow characteristics approaching that of 60/40 solder from other makers.

Jubilee 63/37 solder is eutectic, it melts and freezes at the same temperature (361 deg F). The instant freeze properties can reduce the chance of lumpy solder beads. Great for decorative soldering. A great choice for doing copper foil work.

Emerald Lead free solder is composed of 97% tin and 3% copper. Like many lead free alloys, 97/3 has a higher melting point(445 deg F) and will require use of a hotter iron(or a hotter setting on your iron control than you would with 60/40 solder). It flows similar to 50/50 solder and does a good job of spanning gaps in your work.