Fused Glass Party Request (Kids)

$125 minimum event fee plus project costs

2 hour parties for older children aged 11+ include 30 minutes to eat within the 2 hour session. A private party option allows guests to experience cutting the glass to create their projects. Set a per guest price point for projects in addition to the event fee. 

For children younger than 11 parents must accompany and assist with production of the piece. 

Both the fusing and slumping process take almost 24 hours each so your projects should be ready for pickup in about a week. We will call you or we can make arrangements to deliver your piece at the time of checkout.

Food & Drink:
You are welcome to bring drinks to your celebration. 

Please submit your request below with the following information.

Desired date for the event. (Sending more than one possible date allows us to better accommodate your request)

Number of Attendees (Maximum of 8) 

Desired time for the event.

Any additional comments or questions.